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689 Research Practicum

Research Practicum (26:705:689:T1:01540
Class Dates: 5/26 - 8/12
Class Times: T, 10:00am - 12:50pm
Instructor: Staff
Location: TBD
Format: On Campus
Credits: 3

The purpose of this experience is to allow the student to participate in phases of the research process under the tutelage of an experienced mentor. This experience precedes the student’s independent dissertation research. The student works closely with a mentor who is a doctorally prepared faculty member (or non-faculty researcher with comparable credentials–e.g., NIH Intramural Researcher) who is conducting a program of research related substantively and/or methodologically to the student’s anticipated dissertation topic. The student may work with his or her adviser or another faculty member in the School of Nursing, or the student may carry out the research experience in another setting in which state-of-the-science research is being conducted. In this experience, the student is expected to participate actively as a member of the research team and to produce a tangible scholarly product. Specific activities and products are planned under the guidance of the adviser in collaboration with the mentor and depend on the nature and stage of the research project.

By permission only.

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