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Tuition Refunds

Tuition refunds may apply to students if a course is cancelled, if registration is cancelled before the start of the session, if registration is cancelled during the partial refund period, or for any other reason. 

 Financial Aid Refund

Students whose financial aid exceeds their balance due are entitled to receive a refund of the credit balance on their student account. Refund checks will not be available until after the start of the summer session. It is important to plan ahead for the purchase of books, supplies, and other expenses. 

Receiving a Refund

Students have two options to receive their refund:

  • Electronic refunds: Direct deposit is the fastest, safest and most convenient way to receive your refund. It generally takes 3-5 business days to work after the initial setup. To set up or update your direct deposit click here
  • Paper checks: Paper checks will be mailed to your permanent address listed on your student account. 
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