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101 English Composition

English Composition (21:355:101:B2:00873)
Class Dates: 5/26 - 7/2
Class Times: Meeting Time By Arrangement
Instructor: Staff
Format: Remote
Credits: 3

English Composition 101 is the first writing course required of all non-transfer students and is usually taken in a student’s first semester. Designed to introduce students to academic discourse, this course provides instruction in reading and thinking critically and in writing analytically in response to primarily nonfiction readings. Through a series of sequenced assignments, an emphasis is placed on writing as a process, which includes drafting, revising, and editing writings. Instruction is provided in recognizing and assessing the argumentative and rhetorical strategies of other writers and in students effectively constructing well-informed, sophisticated, and logical essays while maintaining an individual voice and synthesizing increasingly complex academic essays. H3: By Permission Only.

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