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Summer & Winter Sessions Appeal Policy

The Office of Summer & Winter Sessions will consider appeals that are related to the following:

·         Late Registration:  a request to register after the start of a session.

·         Change of Course:  a request to switch courses that are scheduled within the same session only. 

·         Cancellation:  a request to cancel a course registration.  No grade will be assigned.

·         Withdrawal with a partial refund:  a request to receive a W grade and a 50% tuition refund.

·         Withdrawal with no refund:  a request to receive a W grade and no refund.

Grounds for Ineligibility
The Office of Summer & Winter Sessions will not accept an appeal if it applies to:

·         A Rutgers Law School course

·         A Rutgers Business School Graduate course

·         A Qualified Unemployed Workers Tuition Waiver Program participant

·         Camden or New Brunswick Summer Session course offerings.  Contact the Camden or New Brunswick summer session offices directly to inquire about their appeal policies.

Please contact the Business or Law School directly if you have questions or concerns about your summer or winter registration and/or payment transactions.

Participants of the Qualified Unemployed Workers Tuition Waiver Program can submit an appeal directly to the Department of Labor & Workforce Development (see section (K) of the Rutgers University Tuition Waiver Policy for Qualified Unemployed Workers).   

Grounds for Appeal
Grounds for appeal include technical errors or extenuating circumstances such as severe medical illness or a family crisis.  Financial aid eligibility may be impacted by your appeal.  Please discuss with the Office of Financial Aid how your aid package may be affected before submitting your appeal.     

You are strongly encouraged to upload documentation with your appeal.  Documents should support the reason for the appeal.

Appeal decisions are generally made within 5 business days of receiving the appeal.  An appeal decision may be delayed if the appeal application is incomplete, lacking documentation, or if consultation with other University offices is necessary.  Decisions from the Office of Summer & Winter Sessions are final.   If your appeal is denied, the Office of Summer & Winter will reconsider its decisions only if new documentation or information is submitted for review.  New documentation must be considered relevant by the Office of Summer & Winter Sessions to justify further review.   Simply disagreeing with the decision is not grounds for reconsideration.

If your appeal is approved you may be entitled to a refund.  Consult with Student Accounting or Financial Aid to discuss if you are eligible to receive a refund and the refund process.       

Appeal Forms
The appeal forms are located under Available Applications in the Summer & Winter Sessions Application Portal (SWAP).   Documentation in support of your request must be uploaded directly to SWAP.  New users must complete a short sign-up form to create an account by clicking the "Get Started" button.  Once your account is created, please select the appropriate appeal, complete it, and submit it.  the deadline to submit a summer session appeal is Oct. 31.

RU Here Confirmation of Attendance
University deadlines, costs, and policies are accepted by students upon confirmation of attendance via the RU Here confirmation of attendance process. 

It is the responsibility of the student to make all registration cancellations and/or course changes before the Summer Session cancellation, change of course, or withdrawal deadlines.  Summer Session policies, course information, and important dates and session deadlines can be found on our website:

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