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495 Introduction to ESL

Introduction to ESL (21:300:495:B6:04330)
Class Dates: 5/28 - 7/3
Class Times: MW, 6:00pm - 9:45pm
Instructor: Guzman
Location: Canvas
Format: Online
Credits: 3

This introductory course is designed to enhance students' understanding of the experiences and challenges of a Multilingual Language Learner or an English Language Learner in the U.S. through a political, academic, social and metacognitive lens. In addition, this asynchronous course provides students with the opportunity to examine the academic, linguistic, and cultural diversity of students in English as a Second Language programs in urban cities in New Jersey and across the U.S. The weekly readings, videos and audio assignments will require students to evaluate their perspectives on Multilingual students, eliciting reflection and active virtual discussion. Furthermore, the various resources selected support students' understanding on how the social context factors impact the English language acquisition process for a Multilingual Language Learner.

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