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328 Ecology of Birds

Ecology of Birds (21:120:328:HQ:05601)
Class Dates: 7/8 - 8/14
Class Times: TTh, 8:30am - 11:45am
Instructor: Duchak
Location: Conklin Hall - Room 348
Format: On Campus
Credits: 3

Designed as introduction to aspects of the biology of birds, this class combines field trips with lectures and a student seminar. Students will be exposed to current themes in evolution and ecology of birds and will also learn how to actively study birds in their habitats and thereby understand and appreciate the high diversity of birds.

Prerequisites: [(21:355:102 or 21:355:103) and (21:120:280)] or [(21:355:102 or 21:355:104) and (21:120:280)] or [(21:355:103 or 21:355:104) and (21:120:280)]

Writing Intensive.  Course Fee: $50.00

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