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342 Contemporary Policing

Contemporary Policing (47:202:342:HQ:05194)
Class Dates: 7/8 - 8/14
Class Times: MW, 6:00pm - 9:30pm
Instructor: Salazar-Tobar
Location: Hill Hall - Room 204
Format: On Campus
Credits: 3

Critical law enforcement problems, including organized crime, alcohol, drugs, policing of civil and natural disturbances, and the diffusion and multiplicity of police agencies; crime reporting, assessment difficulties, and the public reaction; the administrative problems of staffing, supervision, employee morale and militancy, and public charges.
Prerequisites: (21:355:102 and 47:202:102 and 47:202:103 and 47:202:103) or (21:355:104 and 47:202:102 and 47:202:103 and 47:202:103)
Writing intensive.

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