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466 TOPICS IN CRIMINAL JUSTICE: Forensic Psychology

Topics in Criminal Justice: Forensic Psychology (47:202:466:H6:07516)
Class Dates: 7/6 - 8/12
Class Times: Meeting Time By Arrangement
Instructor: Staff
Format: Remote
Credits: 3

This course explores the differing, yet varied facets of the field of forensic psychology including landmark legal cases relevant to psychology, potential careers in forensic psychology, police psychology, forensic psychological assessment, psychopathy, homeland security, ethics, and issues in working in the juvenile justice system. Critical issues, such as Not Guilty By Reason of Insanity pleas and Competency to Stand trial, will be addressed. Students will be introduced to the roles and responsibilities of a forensic psychologist including psychological assessments, expert testimony, offender treatment, and correctional psychology. This course will highlight the unique intersection between psychology, the criminal justice system, and the law.

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