Tuition Per Credit

Rutgers University Students: Please note that Summer Session tuition is based on the rates below, not the rates associated with your school affiliation during the spring/fall terms.   If you have questions regarding your residency status contact the Office of the Registrar, 973-353-5324.  Rutgers Biomedical and Health Sciences (RBHS) students interested in attending Rutgers University-Newark Summer Sessions must contact their home school Registrar for registration, payment, and financial aid information.

NJ Resident
Per Credit

Per Credit

Arts & Sciences (21)           Public Affairs (40)
Criminal Justice (47)
Nursing (25) –
Admitted in or after Fall 2014
Nursing (25) –                 Continuing Legacy Rutgers
Rutgers Business School (29)
Public Affairs (20)
Public Affairs (20) –
Pearson Online Managed
Social Work (19)            Graduate School (26)
Criminal Justice (27)


Direct Loans
Rutgers University students may be eligible for a Direct Loan for the Summer Session if they have remaining eligibility as determined by their grade level. Students should check with the Office of Financial Aid for further information during the Spring term.

Education Tax Benefits
Please visit http://rci.rutgers.edu/~hopesch, for more information.

Electronic Refunds
Students are now able to have financial aid refunds electronically deposited to a personal checking or savings account. Electronic refunds reduce the time it takes to receive a refund; eliminates the possibility of a refund being lost in the mail or stolen; and provides email notification alerting the student that a refund has been processed. To enroll, log onto your account online with your NetID and Password.

Summer Session Student Fee (applies to all students) – $162
Online Course Support Fee (applies to online courses only) – $100
Pearson Online Course Fee – $300 (applies to Pearson managed courses only)
Pearson Matriculation Continued Fee – $50 (applies to Pearson managed courses only)
Late Payment Fee – $125

Financial Aid 
Information on how to confirm attendance, award letters, loans, and other financial aid related topics can be found here  https://studentaid.rutgers.edu/ or you can call 973-353-5151.

Lifetime Learning Tax Credit
Individuals can qualify for a new education tax credit for tuition and fees paid for undergraduate, graduate, and continuing education courses. For detailed information consult IRS Publication 970, Tax Benefits for Education: http://www.irs.gov/publications/p970/ch03.html.

New Jersey State Aid
The state of New Jersey does not offer any scholarships or grants for summer courses alone.

Other Scholarships
Students who wish to use outside scholarships to attend Summer Session must obtain a letter from the funding agency stating that the financial grant is available for Summer Session 2018 courses.

Payment by Credit Card
MasterCard, American Express, Visa and Discover Card may be used to pay tuition and fees online. A nonrefundable 2.5 percent service fee of the total amount paid is assessed by the credit card company. In-person credit card payments are no longer accepted by the Cashier’s Offices at Rutgers University.

Payment by Electronic Check
You may pay by e-check, which is an electronic withdrawal from your checking or savings bank account. No additional fee is charged for the e-check unless the electronic payment is returned as unpaid from your bank to the university. Returned e-checks are assessed a $10.00 return check service fee and $125.00 late fee. When you review your term bill and confirm your attendance online, you will be required to enter bank information and your email address. Click here for instructions for completing the electronic check payment process via your online student account.

Payment Instructions (Credit Card/Electronic Check)
Online Payment System Availability:

How to pay online:

1. Credit card/e-check payments may be made via the web at: http://newarkbusinessoffice.rutgers.edu.
2. Click on “Term Bill Payments.”
3. Log in using your 9-digit RUID and PAC (Personal Access Code) number. Your PAC is the month and date of birth (ex: 1107 for November 7).
4. Choose the current “Summer Session” term and select continue.
5. Review your balance and then click “Proceed to Credit Card Payment Page” or “E-check Payment.” Fill in required fields and then click “Verify Information.” Then click “Submit Payment” to process your credit card payment.
6. A “Payment Accepted” page will appear when your payment is received. This is your receipt. Click on “Print Receipt”, then close the window. A “Thank you for your payment” message will appear confirming that your transaction is complete.

Transactions that are declined by the bank for any reason are considered unpaid and will be returned to the student. Refunds of credit card payments will be made with a check issued by Rutgers University.

Payment Plans
For more information on payment plans please visit, http://www.studentabc.rutgers.edu/tuition-payment-plans or contact the Office of Student Accounting, 973/353-5423.

Pell Grants
Check the Office of Financial Aid website on or about April 1 for more information on summer Pell eligibility.

Qualified Unemployed Workers Tuition Waiver 
View the Rutgers University Tuition Waiver Policy for Qualified Unemployed Workers and check certification dates and deadlines under Registration Resources.

Refund Checks
If your financial aid exceeds your charge, your refund check will not be available until after the start of the summer term. It is important for you to plan ahead for the purchase of books, supplies and other expenses.

Term Bill Deadlines
Rutgers University no longer mails student term bills.  Students can access their term bills electronically at http://www.studentabc.rutgers.edu/.  The Term Bill due dates are available on the Summer Session Registration Calendar.

If you have registered for both Session I & Session II courses, payment will be due during the first applicable due date.

It is the student’s responsibility to contact the Student Accounts Receivable Office (973/353-5423) to obtain, complete and submit their term bill on time. Students who fail to do so will be assessed a $125.00 late fee. Students are responsible for all tuition and fee payments unless they officially withdraw from courses in the Office of the Registrar by the specified dates, regardless of whether they attended the class. Not paying the bill does not constitute a withdrawal from the class.

Payment of all tuition and fees must be made according to the dates in the Summer Session registration calendar. Checks should be made payable to Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey. The date on which the cashier receives the bill payment is the effective date of payment. Postmark dates will not be considered as payment dates. Bad checks and stopped checks are assessed a $10.00 return check service fee and $125.00 late fee and must be made good. Neither stopping payment nor a bad check will cancel the registration.





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